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Children and Teens Classes

We offer classes for non-bilingual and bilingual children, ages 5 to 12. Children learn in small groups, according to their age and language ability.

Teaching Your Child a Second Language

  • Enrich and enhance intellectual development
  • A head-start in life for other language learning.
  • Boost scholastic performance in other subject areas
  • Nurture the ability to be open-minded and sensitive to other cultures
  • Foster good listening skills

Learn French

We believe learning a language should be fun and educational.

Your child will become attuned to French through cultural and linguistic immersion, using the Smart Steps to French method (ages 4 to 12).

Smart Steps to French

Leading Alliance chapters in the United States teamed up with French experts to design French curricula and activities specifically catered to the needs and interests of children.

Whereas most programs rely on repetitive workshops with limited material, the Alliance Française offers children the possibility of evolving through 3 levels (complete beginners to advanced) for their age group.

Your child will learn from dedicated teachers who are native speakers and will be exposed to authentic language expression.

Enfants bilingues

Si vous êtes installés aux Etats-Unis dans le long terme, que vos enfants sont scolarisês en milieu amêricain et parlent le français, si vous souhaitez que enfant renforce son français et apprenne à le lire et à l'écrire, alors ces cours s'adressent à vous. Les classes de differérents niveaux ouvrent selon la demande.

Attention, nous ne suivons pas le CNED.

Please note that:

- the payment is due in full prior to the first day of class.

- there will be no refund after the beginning of the session.

- there will be no discount for non-attendance.

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